Last year, when the festival was facing extinction, the community came together to 'save' the festival.Friends of Thespo was born, and in honour of the crowds that supported us, we have dedicated this year to them...therefore it's Thespo 13, Theatre Tera Mera. Do come and check out India's most exciting youth theatre festival. You can reach us at:


Thespo at Prithvi is Thespo's year long presence in the theatre circle.

Each month we get an opportunity to showcase one play and one short performance at Prithvi theatre under our Thespo at Prithvi activity. This is a combined initiative between Prithvi Theatre and Thespo to showcase the work of new theatre groups each month. 

These repeat performances help the groups refine their work and allow the audience a glimpse of the ‘future of theatre’.

Thespo at Prithvi takes place on the first Tuesday and Wednesday of every month.

To have a glimpse of what happened in the month of April at Thespo at Prithvi, take a look at

For more details on Thespo at Prithvi  call Vidisha on +91 9867562859 or mail us on

In 2010 the Dramabaazi program was initiated, by Thespo, to combine the talent of young theatre-enthusisasts (15 to 25 years old) with the imagination of children (8 to 14 years old) to explore various aspects of theatre, discuss, debate and rehearse the text (play script) and finally experience the thrill of performing to an audience in a professional theatre set up.

2010's programme resulted in a devised production called The Mighty Mirembayanna & the Prisoners of Peace. It was directed by 25 year old Abhishek Saha and written by 24 year old Aakash Mohimen who developed the characters around the eight children in the playshop.

Structure of the playshop:
  • The playshop will run in the month of May. This will be followed by shows at Prithvi Theatre, Bombay. 
  • The sessions will be held 4-6 days per week. 
  • Each session will be between 2-4 hours. 
  • The sessions will get more intensive closer to the days of performance. 

Design of the playshop: 
Initial sessions will cover ice-breaker and warm up exercises followed by some interactive theatre games aimed at bringing the participants to work as a team. These exercises will be led by the Director and 3-4 Dramabaazi coordinators. Slowly the text  will be introduced in the sessions as topics for improvisations, storytelling, song writing and general discussions. The latter half of the sessions will focus on rehearsing the play for the public performances and the playshop will culminate with shows at Prithvi Theatre. The performance will not only feature the children participants, but also some of the playshop coordinators (between 18-25 years) in the adult roles. As the playshop is only for a short intense period and culminates in a full length theatrical production, it is crucial that participants attend all the sessions.

So all you kids with dreams of performing in front of a live audience , watch out for Dramabaazi next year!

For more details call Vidisha on +919867562859 or Varrunn on +919930666332 or mail on