Last year, when the festival was facing extinction, the community came together to 'save' the festival.Friends of Thespo was born, and in honour of the crowds that supported us, we have dedicated this year to them...therefore it's Thespo 13, Theatre Tera Mera. Do come and check out India's most exciting youth theatre festival. You can reach us at:

Thespo is...

Thespo is an annual youth theatre festival. All the participants at Thespo have to be under 25 years of age. It is a platform for any and every young person under 25 who is interested in any and all aspects of theatre. Except for the age limit, Thespo firmly believes in including youth from all parts of the world, all fields, all language groups and all art forms who share a love for theatre. Even the workshops conducted at the festival are free of cost in order to widen its reach and make theatre accessible to everyone. The festival magazine is sold at a highly subsidised rate and student tickets are priced nominally in order to fulfil the aims of Thespo.

Thespo is held every December in Bombay where scores of participants under 25 years of age come together to organise a national theatre festival, stage full length productions, short performances in informal spaces, attend workshops, build bridges across different schools of theatre, find friendships across thousands of miles, learn about theatre/life/themselves, form a living thriving dynamic community of likeminded young individuals. At the end of the festival, awards and cash prizes are presented in various acting, writing, directing and production categories as an added incentive.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. All participants must be under 25 years of age or under as of 1st January 2011.
  2. The plays need not be of original composition.
  3. The Thespo Screening Committee who will screen all the plays will have a final say in all matters.
  4. Plays must be full length plays and must be a minimum duration of one hour long.
  5. A panel comprising of 3-4 judges will be present on all the days of the festival and will judge all the plays.
  6. The last date for screening and selection of plays will be
  7. It is not mandatory for auditioning plays to present the Screening Committee with their final      costumes, sets and props. It is important to provide 'as clear an idea' of them as possible though.
  8. The four short-listed plays must give in their complete light-plan2 copies of their script (printed on one side each), cast and crew list etc. by
  9. Final participants will be given fixed number of tickets at pre-determined rates for their show-day as well as for the other three days. The teams will keep and use the proceeds from the ticket sales to cover their production costs.
  10. The Organizers will determine the order of performances.
  11. Each finalist will be given access to the hall with lights and sound() on the morning of their play. (Timings might be subject to change under unavoidable circumstances)
  12. Make-up, lights and sound will be provided to the participants.
  13. People operating light and sound consoles will have to be provided by the participants themselves.
  14. The Organisers will be available to provide assistance to all the participants in an advisory role.
  15. All participants will be entitled to a Thespo Certificate.
  16. Winners will get the Thespo Award and a certificate.
  17. Awards will be given in the following categories: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Production Design, Best Director, Best Play. 
  18. Please Note:
  19. Ø  The emphasis is NOT on competition but on coming together as a unit to provide a festival of entertainment for a paying audience.
  20. Ø  The Organising Committee aims to accommodate everyone's needs and come to a compromise
  21. Ø  If you would like to volunteer for the festival at any capacity please contact the Organising Committee.
  22. Ø  If you have a talent, which you would like to put up at Thespo XIII, please contact the Organising Committee. (This includes playing an instrument, reading poetry, performing a monologue etc.)

 Questions? Doubts? Clarifications? Queries?

1.     I have a script, a director but no actors. How can I still put up a play.
a.    Mail us on asking for the Actors database. We will send you the same. You could then audition those, on the list and put it all together!

2.     How can I register?
a.    Just mail us asking for a Thespo 13 Registration Form or Full-Length Plays on Fill up the form and mail it back to us and drop off the deposit of Rs. 500/- before 1st September 2011 at our Thespo Office.

3.     Is the fee refundable?
a.    If the below mentioned criteria is met, the deposit of Rs. 500/- will be refunded.
  •     If you turn up at the Audition.
  •     If your play is at least on hour long.
  •     If you submit a hard-copy of your script.
  •     If you submit the age proofs in hard-copy of all the people working on your play.

4.     What is the last date of registration for full-length plays?
a.    1st September 2011.

5.     Does my play have to be ready by the 1st of September 2011?
a.    No, your play need not be ready by 1st of September. Auditions will take place in October so you have another month to work on your play. We just want to see a work-in-progress rehearsal.

6.     What should be the minimum duration of a play?
a.    1 hour.

7.     The costumes, lights and set have to be ready for the Auditions?
a.    No. The auditions would be held in a rehearsal room.  You don't need to be ready with props, set, lights and costumes. However, you need to give the screening panel as clear an idea of your play as possible.

8.     Where and when will the screening take place?
a.    The screening will take place in your city. In your registration form you will be asked to fill in the dates when it is impossible for you to audition. It will be in the month of October, We will try our best and give you the dates you’re convenient with.

9.     How do give the deposit if I am not in Bombay?
a.    We would give you the name and contact of a Thespo Representative in your city. If we do not have a Thespo Representative in your city you will have to courier it to us on our Thespo Office Address.

10.  What language does the play have to be in?
a.    Your play can be in any language! We have even had a ‘no-language’ play perform at Thespo.

11.  Which members of the team have to be under 25?
a.    Except your producer and writer, it is mandatory that the whole team is 25 years of age or under as on 1st January 2011.

12.  Does it have to be a New/Original script?
a.    Any! It can be an original writing or an adapted play.

13.  I am more than 25 years old. Can I still participate/volunteer?
a.    You could be a volunteer.

14.  I am more than 25 years old. Can I still attend the workshops?
a.    Preference will be given to under 25s. However, if we do have any vacancies, later, we shall consider you.

15.  How does one become a Thespo member or join Thespo?
a.    Mail us, telling us about yourself and your interests. We will find a way to be a part of Thespo. Also, you could become a Friend of Thespo. For more details on the same, visit

16.  How do I volunteer for Thespo if I do not live in Bombay?
a.    You could be our Thespo Representative in your city!
Help us with all the ground work in your city, spread the word, co-ordinate workshops in your city, conduct events etc.