Last year, when the festival was facing extinction, the community came together to 'save' the festival.Friends of Thespo was born, and in honour of the crowds that supported us, we have dedicated this year to them...therefore it's Thespo 13, Theatre Tera Mera. Do come and check out India's most exciting youth theatre festival. You can reach us at:

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workshops Day 1- Us and Them

The countdown to Thespo 13 began yesterday with most of our Facebook status messages being  "  13 Days to 13th December- Thespo 13 is almost here". Yes, it was an exciting thought!!

Yesterday was also the first day to David Hirst's Workshop- Us and Them. 
David has some "fun" requirements for his workshop, for instance 20 plastic chairs. What's fun in that one may say.. Well, try transporting them from Vile Parle to Andheri at 8:30 in the morning in an Innova.. Haha.. That was fun..

And the Innova was never the same...!

Somehow, we managed to stuff those chairs and ourselves and our backpacks into the car and headed to Bhavan's College to set up for the workshop.

For the first day, all our participants made it on time and so did David. And then the workshop began....

They started off with getting to know each other. Names,Professions,Why this Workshop.

Then moved on to some warm up exercises..played some games..

Warming up

Some more stretching

Look into each other's eyes and pass on the clap.

And then the fun began....

Working together as a team was one of the first thing's David wanted them to learn before they proceeded to reading the script. So they did some more exercises...Exciting to watch,Challenging to do

Work Together

Work together to get the shoe. Freeze when looked at ,if you move you start from the beginning


Post all of this, the script reading began.. The characters,the discussion, the challenges,personal experiences...

Us and Them

Figuring it out

Sharing Thoughts

Deciding Characters.

And very soon,it was 3:30 pm. With half an hour to go, David decided to do a quick read and then split them up into pairs as per their characters in the play and become each other's mirror image...

Understanding Characters


4pm- With last minute instructions,all the participants left with a smile. Their next session will be on the 5th. Looking forward to that
.. Oh wait ! What about those 20 plastic chairs...
We decided to gave David a treat and thus took him on a tempo ride with the 20 plastic chairs....Boy,that was fun...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

> Partap Sharma - Thespo 9 Lifetime Achievement Award

Playwright and voice over legend Partap Sharma passed away earlier today 30th November, 2011. A man who dedicated his life to words...and yet there are not enough words to pay a just tribute to him.

Thespo 9 Lifetime Achievement Awardee Partap Sharma passed away earlier today. Novelist, Playwright, Actor, Voice over artists, genius, and a Prince among men. We salute your life, we salute your work. Thank you for making a path, when there was none.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

> Friends Of Thespo

> Friends Of Thespo

        Many Thanks to those who are contributing to make Thespo 13 happen! 

  • Sam Rustomji Kerawala
  • Alan Tweedie
  • Darius Sunwala
  • Neysa Mendes
  • Sameera Iyengar
  • Shaun Williams
  • Veera Abadan
  • Erana Pranay Worldwise
  • Avantika Akrekar
  • Mohit Takalkar
  • Aditi Kotak
  • Dhruv kotak
  • Himanshu  Sitlani
  • Late Pearl Padamsee
  • Shanta Gokhale
  • P Shetty
  • Sandeep Sanapuji
  • Priti Bakalkar
  • Ram Ganesh Kamathan
  • Mehernosh Bharucha

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

> Thespo 13 - Friends Of Thespo

Become a Friend of Thespo TODAY!

Come be a part of a community of Thespo-lovers.

The purpose of Friends of Thespo is to build a network with Thespo lovers. Allow us to keep track of those that have moved on past the 25 year old barrier, and to keep a connection going. Allowing ex-Thespoans to ensure that the assembly line of theatre lovers continues.

The features of Friends of Thespo is relatively simple:

For a fee of a minimum of Rs. 2,000/- we will provide the following:

· A Free Friends of Thespo Tshirt
· Two Free Tickets to any performance during Thespo 13.
· Priority booking with regards to tickets for shows.
· A Free Thespo 13 Magazine.

All you need to do, is email us on saying that you are interested, and send us a cheque in the name of “Theatre Group – Play Thespo” and we will provide you with a FoT registration number, which you can quote when booking or collecting you tickets.

So don't delay...become a FOT today!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

> Thespo 13 - Workshop registrations

> Thespo 13 - Workshop Registrations (Us And Them)

The countdown to Thespo 13 begins.....

We bring you a workshop from across the globe.

Don't miss it. REGISTER NOW!! 

Us and Them

This workshop will culminate in a platform performance on 13th December, 8pm in the Prithvi Foyer. The play is a lovely look at the similarity of people and their needs/wants

This workshop will be conducted by David Hirst .

David is a 2008 Graduate of Flinders University Drama Centre. During his time at Flinders he thrived in theatre productions such as John in Mark Ravenhill's The Cut, Henrik Ibsen's Lady From the Sea, and Abi Morgan's Tender. In productions of Terrorism by The Presnyakov Brother and Fallings Petals by Ben Ellis , David revelled in the challenge of playing up to 5 different characters. In 2009 he completed a 8 month interstate tour with the multi- award winning company Brainstorm Productions where he was given the challenge once again to play five characters in Jenny Johnson's Sticks and Stones.He also performed in the highly successful production of Boys' Life by Howard Korder. In 2007 he performed in the Boarder Project's Highway Rock and Roll Disaster. In 2008 he travelled to Okinawa, Japan to perform in Alex Vickery-Howe's Rock Musical Once Upon A Midnight which was part of the Kijimuna Festival of Arts and returned to Adelaide for the Oz Asia Festival. Also in 2008 David was given the opportunity to play Larry the certified Idiot in Accidental productions Bred to Perfection by Ko van den Bosch.

David enjoyed performing in a creative Development for the 2010 fringe called KRANG! and directing Industrial Park for Urban Myth as part of their Out of the Boot programme. More recently David has taught First Year Dram workshop at Flinders University and has also been appointed the associate artist at Urban Myth for 2011/1.

He is here to attend the Thespo International Youth Festival in India. 

 ·Age : Should be at least 15 years old.

· Dates : 30th November, 5th December and 9th December.

· Time : 10am to 4pm.

· Venue: We will inform you by the end of this week.

· Duration of each session: 6 hours.

· Deposit: 1000/- (Rs 500 would be returned to you, once you have attended all the sessions of the workshop)

· Last date of Registration: 25th November
Participants will not be provided with lunch.

To register : Contact or call Ishani on +91 9920767209 or find this event on facebook..

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

>Thespo Theatre Unit (TTU) Performs on a "Train"!

The Beauty of theatre and art can only be best experienced live,
and that is what TTU did for the people travelling on the Churchgate bound local from Bandra.
Energetic, Colorful, Lively all of a sudden erupted all over.

Cricket Anyone?!

People were amazed by what was going on ,shocked some found it even amusing to say the least. Seeing two people applying colour on each others faces and then fighting over a bag of chips and the then "Cricket",never to forget cricket in any performance,ending it with a human train "Last Stop Churgate"our journey ends!

If u guys ended up missing out on their performance not to worry look at the pictures and hopefully next time u end up catching us while hanging out at your favorite joint.

Team Thespo!

> Thespo 13 - Call out for Bands

Thespo 13 - Call out for Bands

If you are under 25 and a musician this could be an exciting opportunity for you to showcase your talent by being at our festival - Thespo 13 this year.

The band event is from 13th Dec - 16th Dec. 

If you would like to participate please send in your song recording - 3 of your acoustic performances and mail it to us at

Team Thespo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

> Thespo 13

Thespo 13 - Screening Details

Its been an exciting month as our Thespo 13 screening panelist Kashin Shetty and Siddharth Kumar traveled around the country  screening full length plays that had registered for the festival this year. We had about 95 plays registered this year.

The screening started with Bombay on the 9th of September. The judges then went to  Nagpur , Calcutta , Delhi , BITS Pilani ,Banglore , Gulbarga , Pune and then back to Bombay to complete the last leg of the screening. The screening ended on 31st October. We will soon announce the schedule of the festival. Watch this space for more updates!

Thank You to all the participants and the Panelists for making this possible.

Also there are pictures of the screening process which you can find below.

Team Thespo.