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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Promo of PATIENT staging as part of Thespo 13 - Theatre Tera Mera

Promo of PATIENT staging as part of Thespo 13 - Theatre Tera Mera

B.M.C.C presents
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 
Prithvi Theatre, Time: 9 pm

Directed by: Suraj Parasnis
The play relates the final throes of a patient suffering from liver cancer in the 1970s, when treatment was limited. The story covers the entire gamut of the patient’s relationship with the disease – right from the revelation of his fatal predicament to the harrowing journey that follows. At the heart of the narrative is the patient’s (in)ability to deal with the pain that accompanies his illness and the effect that it has on his family and those around him.

Written by: Siddhesh Purkar, Raviraj Gandhe
Cast: Siddhesh Purkar, Mukta Lele, Anuj Deshpande, Siddharth Mahashabde, Tuhsar Tengle, Ravi Chaudhari, Rucha Apte, Nimish Jadhav, Shardul Kadam, Devika Kale, Akshaya Deodhar, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Mahesh Talpe, Avinash Sapkal, Parth Ketkar, Ninad, Snehal Bhave, Shruti Sapre, Omkar Bagde, Shantanu Joshi

Running Time: 1 hour 20 minutes (No interval)

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