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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Workshops Day 1- Us and Them

The countdown to Thespo 13 began yesterday with most of our Facebook status messages being  "  13 Days to 13th December- Thespo 13 is almost here". Yes, it was an exciting thought!!

Yesterday was also the first day to David Hirst's Workshop- Us and Them. 
David has some "fun" requirements for his workshop, for instance 20 plastic chairs. What's fun in that one may say.. Well, try transporting them from Vile Parle to Andheri at 8:30 in the morning in an Innova.. Haha.. That was fun..

And the Innova was never the same...!

Somehow, we managed to stuff those chairs and ourselves and our backpacks into the car and headed to Bhavan's College to set up for the workshop.

For the first day, all our participants made it on time and so did David. And then the workshop began....

They started off with getting to know each other. Names,Professions,Why this Workshop.

Then moved on to some warm up exercises..played some games..

Warming up

Some more stretching

Look into each other's eyes and pass on the clap.

And then the fun began....

Working together as a team was one of the first thing's David wanted them to learn before they proceeded to reading the script. So they did some more exercises...Exciting to watch,Challenging to do

Work Together

Work together to get the shoe. Freeze when looked at ,if you move you start from the beginning


Post all of this, the script reading began.. The characters,the discussion, the challenges,personal experiences...

Us and Them

Figuring it out

Sharing Thoughts

Deciding Characters.

And very soon,it was 3:30 pm. With half an hour to go, David decided to do a quick read and then split them up into pairs as per their characters in the play and become each other's mirror image...

Understanding Characters


4pm- With last minute instructions,all the participants left with a smile. Their next session will be on the 5th. Looking forward to that
.. Oh wait ! What about those 20 plastic chairs...
We decided to gave David a treat and thus took him on a tempo ride with the 20 plastic chairs....Boy,that was fun...

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