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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

>Thespo Theatre Unit (TTU) Performs on a "Train"!

The Beauty of theatre and art can only be best experienced live,
and that is what TTU did for the people travelling on the Churchgate bound local from Bandra.
Energetic, Colorful, Lively all of a sudden erupted all over.

Cricket Anyone?!

People were amazed by what was going on ,shocked some found it even amusing to say the least. Seeing two people applying colour on each others faces and then fighting over a bag of chips and the then "Cricket",never to forget cricket in any performance,ending it with a human train "Last Stop Churgate"our journey ends!

If u guys ended up missing out on their performance not to worry look at the pictures and hopefully next time u end up catching us while hanging out at your favorite joint.

Team Thespo!

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  1. fantastic job guys! cant wait for you to perform on a train Im sitting in :D