Last year, when the festival was facing extinction, the community came together to 'save' the festival.Friends of Thespo was born, and in honour of the crowds that supported us, we have dedicated this year to them...therefore it's Thespo 13, Theatre Tera Mera. Do come and check out India's most exciting youth theatre festival. You can reach us at:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

> Friends Of Thespo

> Friends Of Thespo

        Many Thanks to those who are contributing to make Thespo 13 happen! 

  • Sam Rustomji Kerawala
  • Alan Tweedie
  • Darius Sunwala
  • Neysa Mendes
  • Sameera Iyengar
  • Shaun Williams
  • Veera Abadan
  • Erana Pranay Worldwise
  • Avantika Akrekar
  • Mohit Takalkar
  • Aditi Kotak
  • Dhruv kotak
  • Himanshu  Sitlani
  • Late Pearl Padamsee
  • Shanta Gokhale
  • P Shetty
  • Sandeep Sanapuji
  • Priti Bakalkar
  • Ram Ganesh Kamathan
  • Mehernosh Bharucha

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